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Find out how to Avoid Costly Repairs with our FREE Coverage Analysis

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If your vehicle breaks down, repairs can be costly.

Here are some prices for common parts that can fail on your vehicle.

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Facts every automobile owner should know

  • The average person drives 15,000 miles per year, dropping most owners out of factory warranty within 2.5 years.

  • The average buyer will own a new vehicle for 7 years exposing the owner to significant repair costs for 4.5 years.


​Now you can get extended protection for your new or pre-owned vehicle. Buyers Choice Vehicle Protection is the choice for coverage, flexibility, and value with a selection of program levels designed to fit any vehicle or budget

Repair Cost

We have plans to fit your vehicle and budget.


2 Tiers... 1 Perfect Plan For You

All backed by more than 30 years of dependability

Whether you need repairs to your car as a result of a mechanical breakdown, roadside assistance or have general questions regarding your coverage, We’re there with the expertise to resolve any issues quickly. All Royal claims associates are experts in the field and have decades of experience in automotive claims and repair. With our state-of-the-art call center and our national coverage, immediate response to your needs are met. 

Plan Benefits Include:

  • New Vehicle Protection

  • Lease Vehicle Protection

  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection

  • Substitute Transportation

  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

  • Trip Interruption Intervention

  • 100% Fully Insured

  • 30 Years of Dependable

  • National Coverage

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All plans include these additional benefits.

Additional Benefits

24 Hour Roadside Assistance:  

Your Vehicle will be covered for up to ten (10) occurrences over the term of Your Service Contract.  Towing benefits are provided for up to a maximum

of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per occurrence. Lock out service, fuel and fluid delivery services (excluding the cost of the fuel or fluids), or battery boost/jump services are provided for up to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence.  Battery boost/jump services are not available for electric or hybrid vehicles. If Your Vehicle requires Roadside Assistance, You must contact Quest Towing Services for prior approval and assistance, otherwise no coverage for the service will be provided.


Please Note: The Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit is not intended to provide reimbursement of services secured through a provider other than the Road Service Processing Center.


You will be provided with Your Roadside Assistance number in the welcome letter You receive.  Transfer of this Service Contract does not include transfer of the 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program. 


The 24 Hour Roadside Assistance benefits are provided
through Quest Software, Inc. d/b/a
Quest Towing Services, Inc. and Quest Claims Services,
106 West Tolles Drive, St. Johns, MI 48879, 1-855-513-5184.

Rental Benefits:  

Rental reimbursement will only be approved for an authorized repair, beginning on the claim submission date. Reimbursement for a rental vehicle is provided for a maximum of thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per day, up to a maximum of five (5) days.  Any authorized repair which requires the Vehicle to be left at a

repair facility will qualify for one (1) day of rental reimbursement.  Parts delays will qualify for up

to three (3) days of reimbursement. Delays for inspection required by the Administrator qualify for up to one (1) day of rental reimbursement. In no case will delays caused by parts or inspections increase the maximum limit of five (5) days.  Rental car agreement charges will only be reimbursed to

you for charges incurred from a licensed rental agency. You must provide the paid rental receipt to the Administrator to be reimbursed for the charges. In no case will reimbursement exceed the actual cost included on the rental receipts, and no reimbursement will be provided to You until

the authorized repairs are complete and paid.

Before Starting Any Teardown Or Repairs, Please Call Claims At 1-800-871-0467

For Authorization & Instructions RYL-RAS-VSC DLR Prototype 6. 2019

Mandatory Surcharges

1. 4 Wheel/All-Wheel Drive Coverage: 

If Your Vehicle is equipped with 4 Wheel/All-Wheel Drive, the following components are covered: 4 Wheel Drive Actuator and Locking Hubs.


2. Diesel: 

If You have a diesel Vehicle, an additional mandatory surcharge is applied.  


3. 1 Ton Vehicle: 

If You have a vehicle with a one ton gross vehicle weight capability, (GVW) an additional mandatory surcharge is applied.


4. Turbocharger/Supercharger (factory installed only): 

all internal components contained within the Turbocharger/Supercharger Housing, Turbo Boost Valve, Turbo Waste Gate Actuator, Bearing, Bushing, and all other internal components, and Seals and Gaskets, Supply Line.


5. Hybrid/Electric Vehicle:  

Electric Motor, Power Controller, Inverter Assembly, Generator, Drive Motor Temperature Sensor/Switch, Battery Cooling Fan Relay/Module, Damper, Electric Water pump, Electric Air Conditioning Compressor and Battery Cooling Fan, Water Assembly Valve.  A mandatory surcharge is applied if Your Vehicle is a hybrid or fully electric model.


6. Rideshare Coverage:  

Ridesharing vehicle is defined as any vehicle, not commercially registered, used for the purpose of transportation of others regardless of whether You receive any compensation for that use.

7. Lift Kit: 

If Your Vehicle is equipped with a Lift Kit modification, an additional mandatory surcharge is applied.  No coverage is provided for components that were utilized to facilitate the vehicle’s modification, including but not limited to the Lift Kit and its components. Oversize wheels and tires are included within the guidelines of Lift Kit Coverage. The modification to the height and width of wheels and tires is limited to a maximum of 3 inches, inclusive of any modifications to the wheels or tires, or both. Vehicles with Lift Kits that exceed 3 inches are not eligible for coverage and will be excluded from coverage. The 3 inch modification is measured from the manufacturer’s vehicle specifications (as listed in nationally published repair manuals); inclusive of any and all modifications of the vehicle’s body and suspension. The vehicle must be equipped with the lift kit modification at the time of vehicle purchase to be eligible for coverage, and if the installation date of the Lift Kit cannot be verified, the Administrator may deny any claim. No coverage is available for suspension reductions or undersized wheels or tires. Any damage resulting from suspension reductions or undersized wheels or tires is excluded from coverage. Coverage is supplemental to the manufacturer’s coverage, and will not apply to any failure for which the manufacturer has denied coverage due to the installation of the Lift Kit.


8. Commercial Use Coverage: 

Commercial Use is defined as any Vehicle being used in accordance with the definition provided in this Service Contract. 


Any Vehicle which has any of the following features is not eligible for Commercial Use Coverage: Diesel, Turbo/Supercharger.

Find out how to Avoid Costly Repairs with our FREE Coverage Analysis

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